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Post –Black Church Era

I really don’t see Tindley Temple as a black congregation because my hope, my hope is that we will be able to draw some of the new occupants who are coming in to this area. And I think we need to concentrate on this area. Even though a lot of them at the present time might not be Christians, they might be un-churched. I think we need to concentrate on bringing disciples to Christ. I don’t look on the blackness of the church. Years ago, I did but not now. I try to tell our young people, not just in the church but outside. It’s not about you, it’s about God.

We’re Just Different

I think we will always have problems racially, culturally because we are different. The way to bind that is we have to be true, living Christians.

Black on Black Discrimination

I think it [racism] has improved to some degree in Philadelphia but there’s still is an undercurrent of racism. And let me just say this clear, Blacks hate Blacks. So when we talk about race discrimination. I can recall when I was going to school the light skin against the dark skin, Blacks. And then I see a lot of separation within the race when we have certain affairs.

Understanding Better

One of my favorite hymns is “We will understand it better bye and bye.” And the reason I like that song. I like that song because it portrays life and it portrays personally, my life. A lot of things I didn’t understand that my parents and grandparents my godparents told me but guess what I understand it now because its in the by and by. Yes, That’s why I like that song. It’s true to my life.